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Marine Mammals 13pcs Real Figure Box Colorata Japan

Shipping Weight: 500g
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Ship in 5-10 business days from Japan.
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Size (Box): W17.5×H10.5×D7.8cm / 6.9"×4.1"×3.1"
Commerson's Dolphin: 4.8cm / 1.9"
Pacific White-sided Dolphin:7cm / 2.8"
Bottle-nosed Dolphin: 7cm / 2.8"
Beluga: 8.3cm / 3.3"
Killer Whale: 9.4cm / 3.7"
Blue Whale: 13.5cm / 5.3"
Dugong: 7.3cm / 2.9"
Manatee: 7cm / 2.8"
Sea Otter: 5cm / 2"
Spotted Seal: 5.6cm / 2.2"
California Sea Lion: 6cm / 2.4"
Steller Sea Lion: 6cm / 2.4"
Walrus: 5.5cm / 2.2"
Material: PVC , ABS , Polypropylene, Polystyrene
Manual in Japanese and English
Country / Region of manufacture: China
Brand: Colorata
Product type: Figure
Brand NEW
100% Authentic Item!